How to ripen fruit

It often happens that when you buy fruit, you choose mainly unripe: this usually happens both because in this way it is possible to keep it longer even at home, and because often, just the large distribution has the tendency to offer products not properly ripe so as not to affect the integrity if they are not purchased on the same day they are displayed on the shelves.

It is important to carefully avoid the refrigerator, which tends not to get along too well with the fruit: here is how to best preserve it by facilitating the ripening even outside the refrigerator, keeping it fresh and always juicy.

How to allow the fruit to ripen away from the refrigerator

The golden rule of fruit requires that it is never stored or matured in the refrigerator except for fruit that has already reached an advanced state of ripeness as long as it is consumed within the next 24 hours. In all other cases it is advisable to avoid artificially chilling it because low temperatures tend not to favour the correct ripening of the fruit, altering its taste. Exactly as it happens in nature, in fact, as on trees it fears cold and frost, in the same way such temperatures would tend to destroy it and make it rot before it can be properly ripe.

Fruit prefers the classic room temperature of about 20°C, always taking care to avoid sources of heat and direct sunshine: it is therefore better to focus on classic storage containers or alternatively napkins, paper bags or simple wicker baskets.

Linen and cotton napkins are one of the most suitable solutions to promote the ripening of fruit. It is necessary to lay them in a spacious area of the kitchen or alternatively in the pantry, placing on the surface the fruit that must reach maturity, taking care that each fruit is not too close to the others in order to avoid touching can cause stains or compromise the optimal state of conservation.

In this case, the fruits should not be covered, but it is preferable to include some apples, perfect to encourage ripening due to its peculiar characteristic of emanating ethylene, a totally harmless gas that performs the action of a vegetable hormone able to accelerate the ripening without causing withering.

A valid alternative to napkins is represented by paper bags, the classic ones where bread is also stored, in which it is possible to insert the fruit that needs to ripen. Also in this case it is useful to include apples and bananas that will facilitate this objective. It is worth remembering that also in this case, the ripening time of the fruit, if particularly unripe, is around 5/7 days, a factor to remember when you are going to do the shopping well in advance of the actual consumption of the products.

Even a small basket of wicker can be the right place to allow the fruit to ripen more quickly: it is important to choose the right size, neither too small nor on the contrary excessively large. In this way the fruit will be pleasant to see because the wicker baskets, let’s face it, make “furniture” and give a shabby touch to the kitchen, and very useful for the fruit itself, to accompany as usual apples and bananas.

How to ripen non-climacteric fruits

Fruit is not all the same: in fact, there are the so-called non-climacteric fruits, those that do not actually ripen outside the plant from which they are harvested. If they are bought unripe, it is inevitable that they remain unripe at home. These include citrus fruits, cherries, pineapples and pomegranates: it is therefore better to “get your hands on” and be aware when you choose to buy fruit because the non-climacteric unripe fruits would inevitably represent an error of assessment, ending up having to resort to forced consumption and not really pleasant.

What to do with leftover fruit

If you leftover particularly ripe fruit, it is always important not to waste it and to find an alternative use to the use in purity: it is therefore possible to exploit it in at least two ways. That is, preparing tasty jams that typically need ripe fruits, or alternatively delicious tarts. A way like any other to not throw away anything, also using the fruit in the most delicious way possible!