How to make coffee cream: tips and tricks

Coffee is a real ritual and as such requires care, despite being one of the easiest preparations to make: hot spotted, in large cups or in glass, cold spotted, soya or barley. Whether long, short, spotted or with ginseng, coffee remains an essential pleasure in every part of Italy. However, to accompany this pleasant pampering, appears an essential feature, especially for those who are used to enjoy the most popular drink ever especially at the bar: the coffee cream, the delicious light foam that can make this sweet moment of relaxation, even more emblematic.

However, not everyone loves to enjoy a coffee at the bar: in recent years the trend has undoubtedly taken hold to own comfortably at home, more and more innovative and cutting-edge espresso machines that use pods and capsules, able to perfectly simulate the same quality and the same characteristics of the bar drink. However, the coffee machine is contrasted with the old and timeless mocha or coffee maker, the same able to reproduce the typical family atmosphere in every occasion, thanks to its warmth and the traditional mumbling that is certainly cheerful. And if in fact the coffee machines can be the typical cream so appreciated, when you choose to use the coffee machine you need to take a few simple steps to get an optimal result. Here’s how to make coffee cream in an impeccable way!

Cremina on coffee: how to make it with the mocha

Coffee abroad is prepared in a completely different way than in Italy. In our country, the traditional drink is espresso, especially in the Neapolitan region and in Salento where it represents a real culture. Prepared with the most precious qualities of coffee, in particular Arabica or Robusto, it boasts a typicality not to be underestimated: its concentration that contributes to making it intense, full-bodied, decisive and absolutely “vigorous” to the taste. Outside Italy, the species used are different, as is the custom of taking it extremely elongated.

Italy, on the other hand, is deeply rooted in its origins and traditions, local and otherwise, and offers a concentrated coffee, with an intense flavour and a “consistency” that can be defined as creamy and frothy, just like that proposed by bars. However, if we want to reproduce the same perception of the drink at home, it is possible to make it equally creamy even using the traditional mocha.

Preparation is really simple and takes about 2 minutes: what do you need? For 3 coffees you need 6 teaspoons of caster sugar and a few drops of coffee. However, it should be remembered that if you want to adopt a different dosage, the sugar should always be twice as much as the productivity of the mocha: 6 coffees require the use of 12 tablespoons of sugar, just to cite an example.

First of all, it is necessary to insert the quantity of sugar provided inside a small bowl and then prepare the mocha on the stove as usual. As soon as the coffee starts to rise and bubble, remove the mocha from the flame and pour the first drops of coffee, the most intense and creamy, into the bowl where previously sugar was included.

At this point, once you put the mocha back on the stove over low heat, you must resume the bowl by mixing sugar and coffee with circular movements rather energetic, using a spoon or better still a small pastry whip. The more energetic and vigorous this movement will result, the better it will whip the coffee cream, thus obtaining a velvety but absolutely soft result. Once ready, it will be enough to put a spoon over each cup, one after pouring the hot coffee dispensed by the mocha.

A few simple steps will make the coffee a real treat just like at the bar: a pleasant cuddle to enjoy at breakfast or mid-afternoon with friends for a moment certainly unforgettable.