How to decorate a cake with candy

The art of decoration allows without a shadow of a doubt, to give free rein to your imagination: it allows you to create original effects and remarkable aesthetic impact regardless of the context. However, in addition to the technique plays a certainly important role also the creativity and creativity that allows you to easily combine the most diverse materials, creating real masterpieces. Examples such as decorating a cake with candies are the perfect testimony, this is because the colorful and delicious sweets, the most beloved traditionally by children and adults, are versatile and “scenic” both when used in the creation of sweets, cakes and semifreddi used to cover supports of polystyrene, characterizing in this way spectacular effects, perfect to make unique each event, party or anniversary, differentiating the concept.

If you want to experience something original to celebrate your child’s birthday, help your best friend to organize a baby shower or wedding sweet table, or even make a really unique and special gift but the time to devote to cooking is too little, here is an idea “out of the box”, but absolutely impressive that deserves to be implemented. Here’s how to decorate a cake with candy, covering a particular support entirely with sweets of all kinds, for a colorful result that will surely leave you breathless!

Cake with candies: how to decorate it

To decorate a cake with candy, you first need to get special discs in polystyrene that will form the basis of the cake itself: they are not sweet, it is true, but the end result will be absolutely amazing. The discs must be of different sizes in order to make a real cake in layers overlapped as is the case with traditional wedding cakes: they cost a few euros and are easily available in all shops dealing with cake design or DIY.

Once you have found the polystyrene discs, you will need to cover them accurately with simple tin foil, taking care to stretch it as much as possible to determine a homogeneous and aesthetically pleasing result. Once this is done, just reinforce the supports, fixing the foil with a few toothpicks: at this point you will get a perfect base on which to work, having fun decorating everything with candy.

Once the base that will make up the candy cake is ready, it is time to give free rein to your imagination and imagination using sweets: jellies, chocolates as well as gummy candies, lollipops or even rolled licorice represents the perfect material with which to have fun, recreating original and unique color effects.

Even the eye obviously wants its share and this operation requires not only aesthetic taste but also special attention to the textures that must alternate in a balanced way, to determine a final result that can win even the most demanding palates. If, for example, the candy cake is dedicated to a young girl, pink should be the main color, worthily represented by marshmallows and gummy candies, perhaps completed by colored candies that can make everything even more feminine.

Otherwise, if this “work of art” is designed for a child’s birthday, for a baptism or a baby shower, it will be important to choose sweets that are representative for the theme chosen in order to create games of color and a particular harmony given by the forms, all with consistency and harmony, as if they were the “common thread”.

How to decorate a cake with candy once you have chosen the theme, prepared the base and selected the sweets to use? Obviously starting from the base on which will be placed the sweets preferably smaller and less showy. For the base of the cake are in fact indicated jellies, which in this case will be stuck on a toothpick and applied to the polystyrene to form a uniform surface and without gaps.

Going up the upper layers of polystyrene, you can unleash your imagination using candies of various shapes and colors but always in a harmonious way: the process is once again the same and it is essential to always cover the entire surface of the circle in a homogeneous and complete.

The upper end of the cake is undoubtedly the most versatile part: a particularly original and pleasant idea to exploit is to create real skewers of mixed candies with which to form a sort of bouquet to compose to conclude this extraordinary “work of confectionery art”. This, however, is just one example because it is fundamental to set no limits to creativity and liveliness.

How to decorate a cake with candy

If you prefer a real delicious dessert to polystyrene, once again you can use your own candies, sweets and chocolates to make an original decoration. In this case, however, it is important to limit the quantities so as not to make the final result excessively cloying. A few tones on tone candies placed on the surface of a cake, perhaps covered with icing or sugar paste, will make everything overall pleasant from an aesthetic point of view and even more appreciable for the taste buds. Can you believe it? Experience and enjoy the sweetness!