How to clean and cut celery

Fresh and fragrant, celery is the protagonist of many recipes of Italian cuisine. Perfect and tasty for a salad but very precious to enrich dishes such as pasta and beans or a broth. A touch of perfume and freshness that makes many courses special. Discover how to clean and cut celery in this simple guide.

The properties of celery

Celery is a widespread plant in Italy and is rich in nutritional properties. What is celery good for? Perfect against rheumatism and hypertension. This aromatic plant is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K. Although in smaller amounts, there are also vitamins of the B group and vitamin E. is rich in lutherie that helps to protect the brain and acts as a diuretic and purifying thanks to the high presence of water (of which it is composed to 90 percent). It is rich in flavor but low in calories, thus becoming the perfect ally for diets and low-calorie diets. The resulting essential oil has important antioxidant properties.

How to clean and cut celery

There are different types of celery. White celery is usually used for salads and dishes where celery is eaten raw, while green celery is used for cooked dishes. Let’s start with cleaning, whether you want to eat raw or cooked, in fact, the procedure for preparing celery for our dishes is always the same. It is important to proceed with care to limit waste. The first thing to do is to remove the leaves from the coast. The procedure is simple to follow, just make a small incision with a sharp knife at the base of the stem and then proceed with the cleaning of leaves and green filaments. Also remove the part of the stem that will be hard and clear. At this point, rinse the remaining celery with plenty of fresh water, the coast ready to be the protagonist of our dishes. Once dabbed with a cloth is ready to be adapted to our imagination and our needs. It’s time to cut it, how to proceed? Cutting the stalk of celery is important for recipes that include cooked dishes. It’s a simple procedure, just clean the celery from the leaves, rinse everything and place the stem on a chopping board. At this point, with a sharp knife or a crescent, make clean cuts and proceed until you get the amount you need. The thing to consider is that you must keep the celery firmly on the chopping board, help yourself with your hand free.

How celery freezes

If you need a small amount of celery but your stem was beautifully rich, then try freezing it. Buy a stalk of celery with turgid leaves and firm and consistent ribs. Clean it thoroughly, as per the previous procedure and then dry it carefully. After dabbing it with a cloth, let it dry for a few hours. It is important that the leaves are dry before proceeding to the freezing phase, to prevent them from burning. Cut it into slices or, if you prefer, into sticks. Using scissors, also cut the leaves into small pieces. At this point, store them carefully either in hermetically sealed containers or in hermetically sealed freezer bags. To remember the date of freezing, use a label, on which you will mark the name of the vegetable, the date of freezing and the expiry date. A bag with frozen celery should be used within two months, after storing it at a temperature between -18 ° C and – 25 ° C. Can you store the stems for longer? Yes, but it is necessary to whiten the stems first. This is a partial cooking process that also helps to keep the colours of the vegetables alive.

How to eat celery

Although many of us use it mainly for flavouring dishes, celery is a food that can be enjoyed in different forms. Perfect for cooked dishes, precious in broths, it also expresses its best in salads, as a fresh summer side dish. If you want to eat it raw, it is better to choose the white one, to be accompanied by a sauce made of extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt. Have you ever tried to bring celery to the table in the oven or fried? A nice idea to benefit from the many properties of celery and taste a new dish. Curious about baked celery? Preparing it is really simple: boil the cut stems in salted water for 10 minutes, dress them with olive oil and grated cheese, and put everything in the oven (which you have preheated to 200 °) for about fifteen minutes. Alternatively, after boiling it, dip the celery stalk in the flour and beaten egg and fry it. A taste to be discovered! A last tip, for the greedy ones the fried celery is to be tried also accompanied by a bath of tomato sauce. The combination of flavors will surprise you.